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Adventures - #1 The beginning

Adventures - #1 The beginning
By Luca Fedrizzi • Issue #1 • View online
Welcome to this new Adventure! 🎒
In order to practice writing and share my thoughts, I’ve decided to create a special place where to do it. A place where we can open discussions and meet new people.
The structure of the emails will change and improve but for now, I’m quite happy with the result. This is only the beginning of the journey, thanks for trusting me in this little experiment.
👀 In this issue you’ll find something about learning, newsletters and Clubhouse.
I hope you’ll find something useful!

Yes, there will be doodles! This is my backpack 🎒
Yes, there will be doodles! This is my backpack 🎒
💫 A learning loop idea
Let me know if you can see yourself in this situation.
You have learned something useful.
You have that in some place of your mind, you really know it.
The grand final: you didn’t remember to apply this knowledge.
Having something and not using it is like not having it. Every time this happens, I feel bad because t’s like falling in the last mile.
An approach that I suggest is to create a process and iterate on it. When you learn something you should take notes also on how to integrate it into this process. As soon as possible try to integrate what you have learned into the loop. So your learning process should aim to be an integral part of what you are building.
Sounds trivial? Well, in my experience, know something and put it into practice are two different things. My intention here is just to call your attention to this particular aspect.
It’s fun to learn so many things, but as we all know our time is limited. Selecting is one of the most important skills we need to equip ourselves, especially if we want to become reference figures and experts in something.
Having a repeatable, effective and structured loop helps us not to lose anything along the way.
An effective learning loop
An effective learning loop
For example, as soon as I thought I had finished writing this newsletter, I realized that I had forgotten something I had learned:
Create value directly on the platform
Now I have a schema / template which will help me write better and better.
Did I have to do it first of all? Yes.
Next time I will definitely remember to do it!
✍🏻 My 2 cents on the blog
The newsletter train 🚂 ✉️
📰 Articles of the week
Our Stack at a $10M Fund
Make me think!
Microsoft Excel Becomes a Proper Programming Language
🐦 Valuable Twitter
"Online education is growing fast. This thread is like an Industry 101 course..."
"🗣 A new experiment at Gumroad: we’re switching from Zoom to 👋 Clubhouse."
💊 Mindset pill
Don’t let be limited by the things you have
🙏 Thank you for reading!
It’s my first newsletter and I hope you like it. I’m longing to improve and write more valuable content with each new attempt.
For feedback just DM me on Twitter or write to me at [email protected]
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See you next time! Bye 👋🏻
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Luca Fedrizzi

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